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Top 100 Songs of 2015

Many people have their own say what the top 100 songs are and they are very emotional about them. Lots of people always throw the classics in to their list. They think that because a lot of the ‘older’ generation likes the song it should be liked from here one out. I’m not one to argue with someone about what makes a great top song, but I think that just because it was the first new song you jammed too in your 86′ Oldsmobile doesn’t make that song a classic. I know that some of the top songs on this list will not be considered one of the top 100 songs by a lot of people, but this my list of the new top 100 songs.

Just so you know, if we get all of our songs from this top 100 songs music site called Top 100 Songs Now. They keep track of the newest, best vidoes online that everyone is buzzing about. If you like what we have make sure you go over to there site to see what people are listening to and all the best songs that are hitting the top 100 songs right now.

The Top 100 Songs – Click on the song name to watch the video, see related pictures and find out what other people are saying about the new song.

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These top 100 songs are updated on a daily basis.

I keep my top 100 songs updated very often. If you like my list, please bookmark this site and check back often for the newest, hottest songs. Remember, click each the song's name to watch the video, see recent pictures and read what other people think about the song.

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